Why we should do exercise in the morning?

Many people have a habit of doing exercise regularly in the morning, while others prefer do exercise in the afternoon. If doing exercise in the afternoon can enhance muscles, doing exercises in the morning can help to have a good spirit and keep your body in good shape.

1. Morning’s exercise- A method of losing weight

a3This is the best solutions for people who are quite fat and slow. If you are in this situation, you should change your exercise time from afternoon to morning. The reason is in the morning, you have never eaten anything so if you do exercises, the calories you use during exercise will burn the fat, especially in the belly and thigh.

You will soon have a smaller waist. If you do not believe in this, just do morning’s exercise for 3 weeks. You will know the change clearly.

2. Morning’s exercise- A method of having a good spirit

After getting up in the early morning, all the stress of the day before had gone. Therefore your spirit is relaxed and comfortable, you are ready for starting a new day. All physical exercises such as jogging, tennis… will bring the higher effective if you really pay attention to practice. Hence, morning’s exercise is good for muscles, circulating system.

3. Morning’s exercise- Prevent unexpected diseases

a2If you do exercise in the afternoon, you are tired so the action is not accurate. At that time, blood in your body will be dispersed to other organs that prevent the process of food digestion.

On the other hand, mechanical effects of acting also prevent the digestion process of stomach, leading to erosive gastritis and other digestion organs. This also causes some unexpected diseases such as menses disorder, insomnia, digestive troubles…

4. Some “morning” sports

Some sports such as walking, jogging, tennis, swimming…will make all parts of your body move. This helps to burn more calories in belly, shoulder, thigh…that make you feel comfortable.

Moreover, when you play these kinds of sport, you also can see the life around you in the morning. It is also a good method for reducing your tension and stress.

Doing exercises in the morning is good for your health. Now, we give you some notes before doing exercises:


  • Drink water (about ¼ liter of water). When you do exercise, your body will break into perspiration. Hence, it is important to drink enough water.
  • Wear big clothes. When doing exercises, you should wear big clothes to make your skin free. Poison will easier exist.
  • Use sun cream. The sun heat may make your skin be sunburned. Therefore, using sun cream is the way that helps to reduce bad effects from sun
  • Do exercises regularly. You should not do exercises too much in once times. You must know your health condition and your endurance.
  • Check weather. You also should check the weather before doing exercises to ensure that you can do exercises in that weather. This helps you have proper plan of doing exercises.