The best personal essential oil diffuser

When it comes to health and personal care, using essential oil diffusers is the method you would like to explore. Essential oils are not only natural perfumes but also proven options with antibacterial, air pufifying, calming and energizing effects. They are recommended for people with insomnia or stress because it is an effective natural safe remedy. If you have just got interest in the aromatherapy, you should know that nowadays diffusers are widely used means to practice it. There are four different types of diffuser but for starters who just want to try aromatherapy, the best essential oil diffuser may be an evaporative diffuser.


What is an evaporative diffuser ?

A diffuser of this type is usually one with very basic operation. It has some sort of pad or filter with essential oils dropped onto it. A fan or natural air would blow through the pad to quickly evaporate the oils and release them into the air for people to breathe in.

The different characteristic between evaporative diffusers and other types such as nebulizing diffusers and ultrasonic diffusers is that evaporative ones are very simple and convenient( you can read more information about Evaporative diffuser at the Essential Oil Diffuser Page . Actually since they are the easiest type to use, evaporative diffusers lead the selling chart of personal and mobile diffusers.

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Mobile Car Use

Since evaporative diffusers permeate a much smaller area than netrabulizing and ultrasonic diffusers do, they are more fitting to not big rooms but small places like cars. If you do not want to buy one, you can totally build it yourself (What you need is a cork attached to the ventilation of your car and a few drops of essential oil on the cord anytime you want). However, the products on the market are pretty cheap already and they always come with plus points. They are compact, portable with a powerful fan powered with AA bateries, USB adapters or AC adapters. A suggestion for you is the Car Scenter Electric Diffuser plus 5 refill pads at the price of only $8.49.

difuser 1The Car Scenter Electric Diffuser

Working Space Use

As introduced above, many evaporative diffusers powered with USB adapters so there are ones in styled forms of USB sticks. The target customers of these products are people who are stuck to their desktop computers or laptops so that they can pratice aromatherapy while working. Many of them have a high vibration function to diffuse the essential oil more quickly. A suggestion for you is the Aroma-Crystal USB diffuser at the price of $39.98 for a set of 4 USB sticks. Besides, if your workspace does not have a USB port to plug in the diffuser, you may want to check out the Whispi Personal Pump Diffuser, a mall pump-to-diffuse product which can be attached to your keychan or put in your pocket.


 The Aroma-Crystal USB diffuser

Essential Oil Diffuser as Your Jewelry

Jewelry fans, especially women, may breath heavily when they want to have a personal diffuser and realize that there are diffusers designed as necklace pendants and bracelets. These diffusers use the availabled air current around you to diffuse the oils around a small area. Furthermore, they are not only for yourself but wonderful gifts as suggested by Cosmopolitan magazine.

necklaceA necklace pendants diffuser

Your top workout questions answered

Four fitness experts answer the eight most common questions that are asked about exercising. These questions deal with motivation for exercising, minimum amount of workouts and keeping workout schedules, among others.

We asked four fitness professionals to answer your top questions about working out. Read their answers and then get with a program!

Q What’s the minimum amount of working out I can do and still see results?

Always looking for short-cuts aren’t we? Lucky for you, this is one case where you may actually benefit from keeping your workout time to a minimum. According to Noah Mann of Miami’s Club Body Tech, if you’re just starting out, keeping your aerobic routine to 20 minutes, three times a week will not only do your body good, but it’ll keep you from getting totally bored.

As long as you’re breaking a sweat and keeping your heart rate up, you’ll be burning fat away – and we bet that after you start seeing results, you’ll want to push ahead and add in a little more time. Check out the chart on the next page to see where you fit in and how to take it to the next level.

LEVEL            TIME             SUGGESTIONS
(You get         20-30 minutes,   Start out slowly - build up to
minimal          two to three     that third or fourth workout;
exercise)        times a week     Remember to alternate aerobics
                                  and strength-training.
(You work        20-30 minutes,   Push yourself to get to that
out a few        three to four    four or five times a week
times            times a week     spot; When strength-training,
weekly)                           do extra sets as you get stronger.
(You play a      30-45 minutes    Most likely, you're already
junior varsity   four to five     in great shape. Concentrate
or varsity       times a week     on keeping your body toned
spot)                             with calisthenics and weight

Q Can I split my workout into three 10-minute mini workouts?

Because it takes your body at least twenty minutes to get your target heart rate up and in optimal working condition, when it comes to aerobic workouts, these mini-sessions are a no-go, says Frank Schrecker of New York Health & Racquet Club. You can split up toning exercises (stomach crunches, arm workouts with weights, etc.) into short periods of time throughout the day. Set a routine where you do three or four sets of bicep curls in the morning before school, get down with squat thrusts to work your legs in the later afternoon, and then tackle tricep extensions before bed. The key is to vary your muscle work all over. Simple!

Q Will walking get me into shape?

Walking a couple of blocks to school won’t cut it – you definitely need to put some major effort into your stride to make it burn fat. According to Deborah O’Connell, fitness trainer at New York Health & Racquet Club, if exercising indoors drives you stir-crazy and you’re not ready for running, check out a walking audio tape. Not only do the tapes provide work-out-worthy music, but most feature a ticking metronome beat that forces you to stay in step and keep your pace brisk!

Q How can I get some motivation?

First of all, making the decision that you want to get in shape and have a great-looking body is one commitment that should remain with you for the rest of your life. It’s got to become a habit, as in a lifestyle change. Compare exercising to brushing your teeth, advises New York Health & Racquet Club’s O’Connell. You brush your teeth every day so that they’ll look clean and sparkling, and won’t get unhealthy and fall out. You should pay the same kind of attention to your body. Another tip: try making a weekly workout schedule – penciling exercise in on your calendar will help you to stick with it. And once you get into shape, staying in shape is a whole lot easier!

Q How can I find a workout I’ll stick with?

workout-with-friendsWorking out with others is not only a great way to do something productive while you hang with your friends, but it’s practically a guarantee that you won’t throw in the towel as easily as you might if you were the only one around. You can also try trading video tapes or testing out new workouts with each other – let a friend teach you tennis, then you can show her the ropes of in-line skating or take her on some serious mountain-biking trails.

Q How soon will I see results?

Results start in a few weeks. Every fitness expert we spoke to, however, couldn’t stress enough that, in order to see results, you must not only develop a workout regime and stick to it, but devote some attention to changing your eating habits. Don’t starve yourself – if you do, your body will store fat to use it as energy.

“You don’t need to diet,” says Manne, “just cut back on bready carbohydrates, cut back on sugary foods and drinks, and you’ll see visible results in a month or two.” Finally, don’t beat yourself up if you miss a week or so of working out; you’re still way ahead of when you started, so just get back on track.

Q How can I make myself stick with my workout schedule?

Every time you exercise, put a quarter in a jar, suggests Todd Person, a trainer with Los Angeles’ Metabolic Project. Not only will the coin stash serve as a reminder of how much work you’ve put into getting in shape, but after you’ve reached one of your goals, you’ll have some money to treat yourself to a cool top or halter that can showcase your iron-hard abs!

Q How can I figure out my target heart rate?

Target-Heart-RateTo know for sure that you’re working as hard as you should, you should try to keep your heart beating at your target heart rate. (It’s at that level that you’re really working your bod.) When you’re born, your heart rate is 220 beats per minute. As each year passes, your heart rate drops one beat.

To figure out your heart rate now, take 220 and subtract your age. You need to stay between 65 and 85 percent of that number in order to get real results. If you go below your target heart rate, you’re not pushing yourself enough. Here’s an example: If you’re 15 years old: 220-15=205, multiply 205 by 0.65=133 (your minimum heart rate) – then multiply 205 by 0.85=174 (your maximum heart rate).

Stay between your minimum and maximum heart rate numbers when you’re working out. To check your heart rate, take your pulse in the middle of exercising (walk in place while doing it, try not to completely cool down). Place two fingers on the side of your neck and count the number of beats. (You can count for a minute, or save time by counting for 15 seconds, then multiply that number by four.) Based on what you count, you’ll know if you’re working too much or not enough!

Good-looking: the new definition; be fit, adopt a good attitude, and eat right


Good-Looking: The New Definition

Joan looks in the mirror. “Yuck,” she says to herself. “My hips are so fat. Why can’t I be skinny like Christie Brinkley?”

Patrick finishes measuring his height — again. He still is 5 feet, 4 inches. “What if I never grow taller?” he thinks. “I’ll never be able to play basketball like Michael Jordan.”

When you meet someone for the first time, how do you form your first impression? How do you think other people make their first judgment about you? Some people look at eyes, some at smiles, and some at clothes or overall appearance: Is the person tall or short, fat or thin, neat or sloppy? Even if we do not readily admit It, we judge ourselves and other people on appearance. We are always aware of how others appear to us, and how we appear to others.

But how do we define attractive? Unfortunately, for years, women and men have been subject to constricting ideas about what is accepted as pretty or handsome. The good news is that now the rules that define good-looking have changed and the rigid concepts about a specific look no longer apply. body image is the way you believe you look to others, a perception that is now closely related to your overall health and to your self-esteem, not just your looks.

A History of Constraints

In the past, society has had different ideas about how to define attractive. At the turn of the century, both men and women were considered good-looking and healthy if they were overweight; it was a sign of wealth and good humor. The Gibson girl, a roly-poly artist’s ideal, was the dream look for women.

In the 1920s, thin made an appearance among fashionable people. Thin represented a glamorous, exciting, and daring life. Mass-magazine publishing and the movies made women particularly susceptible to the whims of fashion designers and Hollywood directors, who had the power to define a look. The 1950s brought the curvy, full-bodied look, a la Marilyn Monroe and other poster girls. Thin returned to the fashion scene in the 1960s and 1970s; and fad diets, pills , and even starvation created a lean, hungry look among fashion models that became the ideal reflected in clothes, advertisements, and movies.

A New Image Appears

But in the past few years, there has been a shift in thinking about one single ideal image. Men and women no longer have to be slaves to someone else’s idea of beauty. We now have the ability to fashion a body image that conforms to our own ideas of beauty, one that relates to our own not-so-perfect bodies. According to a recent Gallup poll, the healthy, fit body is the new American ideal of the 80’s. Although most men and women still have models of perfection, these are becoming less confining.

The principles of a healthy body can be summed up easily: exercise and good nutrition. A combination of a sound fitness program and a sound diet will make you look better and feel better.


Bodies are different, and we know that there is no such thing as a perfect body. The goals of the new body image should be, first, to accept what your genes have given you, and second, to make the most out of what you have. This means that you must begin to think of yourself as more than just a body. You may need to rethink your attitudes about being perfect.

Dr. Ann Kearney-Kooke, a leading body-image researcher and counselor, says that people should try to understand why they have certain feelings about their body. “If you understand where the feelings come from,” she says, “you can move toward changing them and learning to love your body.”

You are a person, and your body can only define you in a limited sense. Before you try to improve the outside, you must consider your inside first. What you think of yourself greatly affects how you seem to other people. A healthy body reflects a healthy attitude about yourself.

Genetics Does It Again

But first, a dose of realism. The body you are born with is the body you will always have. Genetic makeup determines not only hair and eye color, but height, shape, bone structure, and size of the body frame, as well as predisposition to fatness or thinness, a high or low metabolism, and physical attributes and deficiencies. Your gender determines the amount of muscle and fat in your body: Male hormones produce larger muscles, and female hormones increase body fat and distribute it around the breasts and hips.

In one sense, you cannot fight destiny. Remember Joan? Her mother, her aunt, and her grandmother all have wide hips; she has inherited that trait, and she cannot change it. It doesn’t mean, however, that she is unattractive or abnormal because her hips are larger than Christie Brinkley’s. And it doesn’t mean she has no control over how she looks. And if Patrick’s father and all his family are not tall, he may well only grow to 5 feet, 6 inches. Patrick may never play basketball like Michael Jordan, but he can still do well at basketball and other sports.

Get Moving

One of the best ways to a healthy body is exercise that includes a cardiovascular fitness program. Getting your heart into good shape means that your healthy heart will pump blood with less effort than an unhealthy heart. With a healthy heart, you will be better able to pursue all kinds of sports for fun and competition. Aerobic exercise is the best way to maintain cardiovascular health. Thirty minutes, three times a week will build up endurance.

Aside from keeping your heart fit, exercise will burn body fat that you store as energy. ridding your body of excess fat is not only better for you, but you will look more fit and more muscular. Strengthening exercises can tone your muscles as well.

Eat Well, Look Good

Diet is now a four-letter word. You do not have to starve yourself to be healthy and good-looking. Grape-fruit and saltines five times a day, pills, protein shakes, and other quickie ways to rid yourself of excess weight will only cause your metabolism to slow down as you take in fewer calories.

A Nutritious eating plan should concentrate on cutting down on fats (especially saturated fats found in many red meats, whole-milk products, and packaged cookies, cakes, and crackers), as well as excess sugar and sodium. Add high-fiber proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, and complex carbohydrates (starches), and you will have eating habits that keep you healthy.

Creating Your Own Image

By taking the principles of good health and applying them to your body, you reshape the ideals of the past. Fitness is the concept that has shaped the ’80s. Fitness can be applied to anyone in any condition, of any size and any shape. It is the most democratic of all body images, since anyone can be fit. You may not have the body to be a model or a basketball star, but you can still create a healthy and attractive body that is all your own.

The legacy of the 1980s may well be the start of a new era of awareness about total body health — an attention to a healthy inside and a healthy outside. Your overall health no longer depends on height/weight charts. It doesn’t lie in the pages of some magazine or on the screen of the movie theater. Your body’s good health, and the look you want to have, now are in your hands.