Camping Guide for Beginners

a2Considering the area and weather

You should get enough information before choosing where to go camping. Knowing clearly about the camping site can helps you prepare proper tools for camping activities. Moreover, you also should know the nearest health center for preventing from bad situations.

Weather is a key factor that affects to the quality of the trip. Checking weather helps you prepare suitable food and clothes. You should change time or site in case of bad weather.

Preparing tent before night


If it is getting dark, your tent preparation will deal with more and more difficulties. You also should choose well tent. If you go camping with friends or family, best 4 person tents are good recommendation.

At night, the temperatures go down so you should bring a sleeping bag that can remain the warmth and waterproofing. You should choose sleeping bag, which has good material and not allergen.

Priority for dry food

You should bring enough food that depends on the short/long period of camping. You need to bring dry food because you can use it longer then fresh foods.

Moreover, you should bring enough water to meet the demand of body. You must not drink water from lake, river. In case of lacking water seriously, you should boil the water or using sterilization.

Wearing suitable clothes


Each site has its requirement about clothes so you should find out information to bring the most comfortable and convenient clothes. You also should bring overcoat because in some areas, it is so hot all the day but it is still cold, even very cold in the night.

In addition, you should bring flash lamp in case of unexpected situation at night. However, you also should not wander in night without permission.

Do not forget to bring medicines

When go camping, the risks of accidence, food poisoning, diseases is not low so you should prepare some necessary drugs to prevent those situations. Moreover, many diseases relating to insects can affects to your health. Therefore, you also should use insect repellent cream because tent and sleeping bag cannot prevent all insects from biting us.

Keep personal hygiene

Water for bathing in the areas of camping is often limited. However if you do not keep personal hygiene, several diseases will attack you. You should select convenient products such as wet towel, cleansing hand gel…

Dirty clothes should be washed or be classified in specific bags. You also need to check the water source before using to wash hand or clothes.