The best personal essential oil diffuser

When it comes to health and personal care, using essential oil diffusers is the method you would like to explore. Essential oils are not only natural perfumes but also proven options with antibacterial, air pufifying, calming and energizing effects. They are recommended for people with insomnia or stress because it is an effective natural safe remedy. If you have just got interest in the aromatherapy, you should know that nowadays diffusers are widely used means to practice it. There are four different types of diffuser but for starters who just want to try aromatherapy, the best essential oil diffuser may be an evaporative diffuser.


What is an evaporative diffuser ?

A diffuser of this type is usually one with very basic operation. It has some sort of pad or filter with essential oils dropped onto it. A fan or natural air would blow through the pad to quickly evaporate the oils and release them into the air for people to breathe in.

The different characteristic between evaporative diffusers and other types such as nebulizing diffusers and ultrasonic diffusers is that evaporative ones are very simple and convenient( you can read more information about Evaporative diffuser at the Essential Oil Diffuser Page . Actually since they are the easiest type to use, evaporative diffusers lead the selling chart of personal and mobile diffusers.

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Mobile Car Use

Since evaporative diffusers permeate a much smaller area than netrabulizing and ultrasonic diffusers do, they are more fitting to not big rooms but small places like cars. If you do not want to buy one, you can totally build it yourself (What you need is a cork attached to the ventilation of your car and a few drops of essential oil on the cord anytime you want). However, the products on the market are pretty cheap already and they always come with plus points. They are compact, portable with a powerful fan powered with AA bateries, USB adapters or AC adapters. A suggestion for you is the Car Scenter Electric Diffuser plus 5 refill pads at the price of only $8.49.

difuser 1The Car Scenter Electric Diffuser

Working Space Use

As introduced above, many evaporative diffusers powered with USB adapters so there are ones in styled forms of USB sticks. The target customers of these products are people who are stuck to their desktop computers or laptops so that they can pratice aromatherapy while working. Many of them have a high vibration function to diffuse the essential oil more quickly. A suggestion for you is the Aroma-Crystal USB diffuser at the price of $39.98 for a set of 4 USB sticks. Besides, if your workspace does not have a USB port to plug in the diffuser, you may want to check out the Whispi Personal Pump Diffuser, a mall pump-to-diffuse product which can be attached to your keychan or put in your pocket.


 The Aroma-Crystal USB diffuser

Essential Oil Diffuser as Your Jewelry

Jewelry fans, especially women, may breath heavily when they want to have a personal diffuser and realize that there are diffusers designed as necklace pendants and bracelets. These diffusers use the availabled air current around you to diffuse the oils around a small area. Furthermore, they are not only for yourself but wonderful gifts as suggested by Cosmopolitan magazine.

necklaceA necklace pendants diffuser