Benefits of doing exercises regularly

How to have a good health? This is not a difficult question but not everyone can do because it is easier said than done. General principles are to have a nutrition balance and proper daily activities. Of course, doing exercise regularly is a key factor.


Many people do not have a habit of doing exercises because they think it is not necessary. In fact, exercise bring you several benefits. You will know clearly about the benefits of doing exercise if you have time to play with some sports. There are many kinds of exercises, which you can apply for yourself such as swimming, running and aerobic.

According to sport expert Althea Shah, exercises can enhance your emotions. It can be considered as the best drug for preventing depression risks and making your emotions return to the normal status. Moreover, it also helps you pay more attention on what you carry out. Therefore, doing exercises every day not only good for your health but also good for your brain and your confidence

Enhancing energy

It is popularly thought that if we move or do exercise too much, we will feel tired and dizzy. However, the more you do exercises, the more you feel well. Doing exercises regularly can helps to improve the muscles strength and your endurance.

When your body is in operation, it will provide energy for thinking thorough an issue and giving new solutions. If you do exercise within 15 minutes, your body will create more energy to do other tasks or activities.

Enhancing concentration


Dr. John Rately shares that doing exercise can help improve your brain within a short period by concentration after 2-3 hours. For example, if you have a presentation or a speech which requiring your concentration, you should practice an hour before.

If you do exercise frequently, you can minimize the risk of suffering Alzheimer because when you do exercise; blood moves to brain in a regular and stable way.

Enhancing emotions

Doing exercise also produces endorphins for improving the brain’s functions. Therefore, when you do exercise, your ability for arrangement is significantly improved. This helps you carry out the task with higher effectiveness.

Doing exercise regularly can also help you relax and reduce stress. You maybe feel good about your existence. Moreover, it can enhance your confidence.

Enhancing the memory

a3Your brain will save more data when your body is in operation. According a recent study, students are required to remember a long series of letter. Then, they are divided into 2 group, one group just sitting and another one doing exercise. After checking the results, it is interesting that the group of students who do exercise can answer more accuracy and fast than the group not doing anything.

In spite of its benefits, you should not do too many exercises or do exercises which not suitable for your body. Abusing exercises will have bad effects on your health. Therefore, you should ask doctor or instructor for receiving useful information.